Gallatin Ice Foundation receives $100,000 gift to ‘Raise the Ice Barn’

Bozeman – The Gallatin Ice Foundation announced today that it has received a $100,000 gift to continue progress on the “Raise the Ice Barn” campaign – a project to build a year-round ice arena at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds.

Chelsea Schmidt, development director for the Gallatin Ice Foundation, says the donor, who would like to remain anonymous, wanted to advance the project so that youth in the Gallatin Valley would have more opportunities to participate in ice-related activities.

“We are humbled by the generosity and thought behind this gift. Being able to provide more ice time for youth in particular has been one of our goals,” said Schmidt. “This gift will help us move forward into step two, making that goal a reality.”

Construction for step one of the project concluded in December, and included construction of the Ice Barn’s 36,500-square-foot steel frame and a new parking lot on the east side of Haynes Pavilion. Schmidt said that construction has been in a planned pause since late last year, so the foundation could focus on fundraising for step two.

Step two includes an extensive addition to the mechanical room, installation of the ice plant, refrigerated rink slab and floor, lighting and interim locker rooms and seating.

“It is the most critical phase of the project, as it gets us to a second sheet of skate-able ice,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt noted that construction of the Ice Barn will resume when funding is in place, which could be as early as April.

For more information, contact Schmidt at 406-579-5763 or

GIF announces matching donor for #GivingTuesday


It’s #GivingTuesday and we are excited to announce that an anonymous donor has pledged up to $5,000 in matching funds for any donations that are made to the Gallatin Ice Foundation today!

That means YOUR donation will be DOUBLED!

Visit and click Donate Now! or stop by the GIF’s log cabin between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. today!

 Can’t make a financial contribution? There are many other ways to support the Gallatin Ice Foundation, including volunteering your time/expertise and helping us spread the word to our community about the “Raise the Ice Barn” campaign. Contact me for more information on how to get involved!

From all of us at the Gallatin Ice Foundation, we thank you for your support!



Save the Date and Give Ice on Dec. 2



A week from today, the Gallatin Ice Foundation will celebrate #GivingTuesday – a global movement that encourages personal philanthropy. Following Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, it is a day that reminds us that the holidays can be about both giving and giving back.

 At the Gallatin Ice Foundation, our mission is to fund ice related activities and facilities for the health and wellness of our communities. We are doing that by uniting ice users, Gallatin County, the City of Bozeman and others under a common goal – to build an expanded year-round ice facility at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds. A testament of our efforts (and your support) thus far is standing just west of Haynes Pavilion.

But in order for this project to come to fruition, we need additional support in a variety of levels from individuals, families and businesses. To inspire you, we’ve asked skaters, families and friends what the new facility will mean for them. Take a look at what some of them had to say…

Louie Pertzborn Rob Tallon Eagle Mount 3 Bill Cochran Penguins GF Kelly Gorham

Find more photos on our Facebook page!

If you want to help us make year-round ice a cold, hard reality in the Gallatin Valley, we encourage you to make a donation to the GIF that’s significant to you onTuesday, Dec. 2.

Let’s finish raising the Ice Barn!


The Ice Barn: Standing Tall

Progress_Week 14_10112014


The Ice Barn (aka Haynes Jr.) is standing tall! Steel work will be completed later this week and starting next week, crews will begin working on the roofing panels (which should take 2-3 weeks). Martel Construction estimates that they will complete this project by Dec. 5th.

Coffee for a Cause

The Gallatin Ice Foundation (GIF) has been chosen as the Leaf and Bean’s specialty drink beneficiary from Nov. 16-30 – which means that a portion of sales of the following two drinks will be donated to the “Raise the Ice Barn” campaign:

Stanley Cup of Cider: Cider with maple syrup and whip

Warming Hut Mocha: Toasted marshmallow mocha with whip and a dust of cinnamon

Please consider supporting the GIF and the Leaf and Bean by purchasing a drink (or two) throughout the last part of November. Help us spread the word to make this the most successful “Coffee for a Cause” event yet. Share a photo of your favorite GIF specialty drink on Facebook and get entered into a drawing for two IceDogs tickets and a $15 gift card to the Leaf and Bean. Just make sure you tag Gallatin Ice Foundation!

As always,  if you have any questions or would like more information contact me at or 406-579-5763.


Week 12 Construction Update and Upcoming Events


We continue to make progress on Step 1 of the Ice Barn construction. Eight truckloads of steel arrived on Oct. 22 and crews worked through the weekend to get the roof panels bolted together. Next week, two cranes will move in to lift and connect the panels 50-ft above the ground. It should be quite the site!

The Gallatin Ice Foundation (GIF) would like to invite skaters, friends, family and other supporters to leave your mark on the new facility, by signing the last piece of structural steel before the building is topped off. Markers will be located in the GIF’s log cabin – just east of the Haynes Pavilion entrance. Consider stopping by at one the following times:

  • Thursday, Oct. 30, from 4-6pm
  • Friday, Oct. 31, from 3-5pm
  • Saturday, Nov. 1, from Noon-2pm

Other exciting things happening in the next month:

From Nov. 16-30, the Leaf and Bean will be donating 10% of their specialty drink sales to the GIF. Specialty drinks will be announced soon! Please consider supporting the GIF and the Leaf and Bean by purchasing a drink (or two…or three) throughout the last part of November.

On Nov. 20, the GIF will be partnering with Eagle Mount to host a sled hockey clinic at Haynes Pavilion. Thanks to the generosity of Eagle Mount Great Falls, 19 people (of all ages/abilities) will have an opportunity to be outfitted with sleds and equipment and try their skills on ice.

Also, on Tuesday, Dec. 2, the GIF will be participating in #GivingTuesday. Coinciding with Thanksgiving and the kickoff of the holiday shopping season, #GivingTuesday encourages people to take a collaborative action to improve their local communities by giving back to the non-profits and causes they support.

For more information on any of these activities, follow us on Facebook or contact me at or 406-579-5763.


Development Director

Progress_Week 11_10222014BProgress_Week 11_10222014AProgress_Week 12_102262014

Week 9 Update on Haynes Pavilion Expansion


We are officially more than halfway through Step 1 of the Ice Barn construction. Concrete work has concluded and crews began backfilling the footings yesterday to prepare for the steel, which will begin arriving on Monday (Oct. 13). Erecting the steel frame is going to take approximately 4 weeks, keeping us right on schedule for a mid-November completion.

 The Gallatin Ice Foundation knows that Step 1 would not have been possible without you, our skating community, and we would like to give you an opportunity to leave a mark on the new building. So, in late October, we will be inviting skaters, friends, family and other supporters to sign the last piece of structural steel before the building is topped off. More information to follow soon!

 And while we may (quite literally) be raising the Ice Barn over the next few weeks, there is still a lot of work to do. Our team remains focused on securing the $1.5 million needed for Step 2 of this project – which will allow us to enclose and insulate the building, build the mechanical room addition, and install the ice plant and refrigerated rink/slab floor.

We are seeking support, from individuals, families, businesses and foundations that recognize the importance of extraordinary community support.  A limited number of naming opportunities are also available, including naming the facility and rink. So if you, or someone you know, would like to contribute or get more involved, please let us know.

As always, we appreciate your past and continued support and hope to see you at the rink!



Pouring Concrete Footings - Sept. 15

Pouring Concrete Footings – Sept. 15

Pouring Concrete Footings - Sept. 15

Pouring Concrete Footings – Sept. 15

Construction Site Banner - Sept. 24

Construction Site Banner – Sept. 24

Concrete Footings Waiting for Backfill and Steel - Oct. 6

Concrete Footings Waiting for Backfill and Steel – Oct. 6

Update on Haynes Pavilion expansion

We are now in the 5th week of site prep and construction for the Haynes Pavilion expansion and things are moving along nicely. Excavation for the footings, foundation and future refrigerated rink slab for the 36,500-square-foot structure are nearing completion and Martel Construction will begin pouring concrete footings on Friday

Additionally, the steel package is being fabricated and is set to be delivered to the site at the end of the month (which means that construction will soon go vertical)! Speaking of which, did you know that this building will be 50-feet tall? That’s nearly 15-feet more than our Haynes Pavilion! 

Construction for the steel shell is set to be completed mid-November, at which point construction will take a planned pause for the winter. The Gallatin Ice Foundation is actively raising funds for Step 2 – which will include enclosing and insulating the building, the mechanical room addition, and the installation of the ice plant and refrigerated rink/slab floor – so that construction can resume in April.
Check out the photos below to see our progress, and make sure you follow us on Facebook for the most up-to-date information. If you are interested in making a donation, click the “Donate Now”  button above or contact me at or 406-579-5763.



P.S. Mark your calendars for the 5th annual Gloves Off Gala, set for the evening of Saturday, March 21, 2015. Details coming in November!

Dirt Work on Rink – Sept. 4
Preparing for Concrete – Sept. 10

Construction underway on Haynes Pavilion expansion

The Gallatin Ice Foundation broke ground on the 36,000-square-foot steel structure that will eventually hold Bozeman’s second refrigerated ice skating rink on Monday, Aug. 11. Erecting the structure, which will be completed mid-November, concludes Step 1 of the “Raise the Ice Barn” project.

To celebrate, skaters, friends, and community supporters gathered at 406 Brewing Company on the evening of the groundbreaking to raise money for Step 2, which will allow us to enclose the building, construct a new mechanical room, and most importantly, install the ice plant and refrigerated rink slab and floor. Thanks to 406 Brewing Company – who graciously donated $1 of each pint sold – and the four other individuals who matched the brewing company’s donation, more than $1,300 was raised.

The GIF’s Board of Directors and I would like to thank everyone who joined us to support year-round ice in Bozeman!



P.S. Check out the photos below to see the progress we’ve made in the first three weeksFor the most up-to-date announcements, like us on Facebook.

Pre-Construction – Aug. 7, 2014: Site Preparation Begins

Construction Site Fenced Off_Aug72014

Week 1 - Aug. 11, 2014: Excavation Begins

Ground Broken 08112014

Week 2 – Aug. 18, 2014: Dirt Work Continues

Progress_Week 2_08182014

Week 3 – Aug. 25, 2014: Dirt Work Continues

Progress_Week 3 08252014



Gallatin Ice Foundation breaks ground on ice arena Aug. 11

Construction of a 36,000-square-foot building that will eventually house Bozeman’s second refrigerated ice skating rink will begin soon.

The Gallatin Ice Foundation says Martel Construction will break ground on the steel structure, which will be located on the west side of the existing Haynes Pavilion, on Monday, Aug. 11.

The groundbreaking concludes step one of the foundation’s ‘Raise the Ice Barn’ project, which also included construction of a new entry on the east side of Haynes Pavilion and parking lot paving, which were both completed late last year.

Chelsea Schmidt, development director for the Gallatin Ice Foundation, explained that construction will take place in multiple steps, and with step one complete, the group is now focused on raising $1.5 million for step two, which will result in skate-able ice.

“Our committee is working hard to get the money raised,” said Schmidt. “We are writing grants, looking at private and public partnerships and looking to the community for their support, as well.”

Currently, the Haynes Pavilion rink has skaters from 6 a.m. to midnight every day during the seven-month skating season, with no room for expanded ice times. The shortage of ice makes it difficult to meet current demands, add more skaters, offer public skating, host regional tournaments or provide training for competitive figure skaters.

Step two will include enclosing the building as well as installation of the ice plant, refrigerated rink slab and floor, mechanical room, building lighting and interim locker rooms, bathrooms and seating. Schmidt said construction for that could begin as early as April 2015.

Future steps will commence once the arena has a skate-able sheet of ice and is generating income. It will include permanent seating, expanded locker rooms, concessions, central entry and a skate shop.

The total project is expected to cost $4.5 million.

A celebration for the groundbreaking will be held at 406 Brewing Company, located at 101 E. Oak St., from 5-8 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 11, where $1 of every pint sold will be donated to the Gallatin Ice Foundation.

About the Gallatin Ice Foundation: Established in 2006, the Gallatin Ice Foundation (GIF) is a 501c non-profit organization that has spearheaded efforts to raise funds for the expanded recreational and competitive skating experience the community desires. Aligning forces of all ice users as well as the hockey and figure skating clubs, it has diligently focused on raising funds for a second ice sheet adjacent to the current rink at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds.

For more information, contact Schmidt at (406) 579-5763 or